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Finca Abarim

To picture farm Abarim (10 ha in size), imagine a verdant mountain landscape and rows of coffee (over 20,000 plants) plantains, native trees, fruit, and cacao trees, bamboo stands over groundwater streams, all between 1,530- and 1,750-meters elevation. It lies in the town of Buenavista, Quindío department, in the central Andes, volcanic born mountains, overlooking the valley, a location that is key for full bright and long days of sun and fresh breeze. In march 2018, Eivy and her husband jimmy acquired and began this farming project of sustainably producing the highest quality specialty coffee, with a mission to protect the land and habitat, support the local economy, and work with partners that value the efforts of coffee production. Eivy comes from many generations of small coffee producers from another region, and her passion for farmland and coffee brought her back to Colombia after 15 years working as an environmental engineer in northeaster USA, and today Eivy is proud to be following her roots as coffee producer.

In retrospective, the farm was in bad shape, which provided an excellent opportunity to decide what to plant, how, and where. restoring the land for coffee production in harmony with the environment was paramount. New infrastructure was steadily installed such as covered natural air-drying facility, new processing house and equipment, water treatment tanks, and more. Not knowing much about coffee – at all, other than what she lived and saw her family doing when she visited as a child, Eivy and jimmy built a strong team, which today continues growing stronger and more knowledgeable about different varieties of coffee plants (castillo, bourbon, geisha, tabi) and specialty processing methods (washed, honey and natural).

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Since day 1, Leiner was hired as the caretaker. Today his professional growth has converted him as the farm manager, with his wife Yurani and young daughter Geidy, as well as other people from the coffee community have been essential to today’s success. Finca Abarim became a coffee farming extension school for all involved and has proven to be fun, exciting, and always challenging.

Did we mention, they have photographed and catalogued about 70 different species of birds at the farm? And they are very picky about their cherries!


Sales number AB22-318P
Weight 20 kg
Crop year Q4 – 2021
Plant Varietal Pink Bourbon
Processing Method Natural Anaerobic
Fermentation process Anaerobic
Drying process African beds
Status Spot
Estimated arrival date Europe Arrived
Warehouse location Netherlands
Packaging Grainpro
Origin Colombia
Location Buenavista, Quindio
Estate Abarim
Farmer Eivy
Topography Mountainous
Altitude 1650MASL
Avg. Humidity 65%
Avg. Temperature 20℃


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Average 88

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