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El Cajon 23
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€ 13,25 /kg (ex VAT)
In stock 6 x 70kg


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Carlos Ordoñez is a young 32-year-old producer who started working with coffee at a very young age on his parents’ farm. Thanks to his work and the support of his family, he bought his first piece of land (1/2 hectare) in 2011 which he called “El Naranjo”, and in 2014 he had the opportunity to acquire his second piece of land in an adjacent area of (1 Hectares) which he called El Cajon (drawer).

El Cajon is located at 2,200 meters above sea level, where Carlos has 7,000 coffee trees and he harvests about 2,800 kilos of parchment per year. 

In addition to coffee, Carlos has planted avocado trees that help him sustain himself and diversify his income. The climate is influenced by currents originating from the Páramo Bordoncillo de Buesaco, which generate a microclimate in the area where the crop is located.

Unlike his father (who grows coffee in the traditional way) Carlos has implemented better practices and new processes that have greatly improved the quality of the coffee. The Social Foundation has greatly influenced his knowledge of processing and advice to improve the quality of coffee, with which he has been learning and improving for 6 years. Carlos states that the extra work with the Honey process and improvements in fermentations and practices has not been easy, but he concludes that it makes him happy to ensure that the end customer receives the best quality comfort.


Sales number CJ23-887
Weight 70 kg
Crop year Q4 – 2022
Plant Varietal Castillo/Caturra
Processing Method Honey
Fermentation 3 days in cherry, 24h in mucilage
Drying process Patios, direct sunlight
Moisture content 10.4%
Status Origin
Estimated arrival date Europe January 
Warehouse location Netherlands
Packaging Grainpro
Origin Colombia
Location Buesaco, Nariño
Estate El Cajon
Farm size 1 hectare
Farmer Carlos Andrei Ordoñez Molina
Topography Mountainous
Altitude 2200MASL
Avg. Humidity 60%
Avg. Temperature 18℃


El Cajon 23 2


Average 87


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