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Eunilber Castaño

Eunilber Castaño is the owner of Finca EL Futuro (The future), which is located in Santuario at 1650 meters and borders the Tatamá National Park. El Futuro is a farm of 8 hectares, of which 6 hectares correspond to a protected area as a nature reserve and the remaining 2 hectares have coffee cultivation where they have planted 10,000 coffee trees.

Don Eunilber has worked all his life in coffee production, as have his brothers and his father.
Eunilber’s father was a farm administrator in another region, where he and his 5 brothers grew up and worked on foreign land, but thanks to the work and savings of his 5 brothers, 25 years ago they managed to buy a piece of land together to work on their own land, close to his family.

In 2007, Eunilber gathers money to acquire a piece of land abandoned by his aunt, who abandoned her farm after losing her children at the hands of the paramilitary armed group that inhabited the area, groups that demobilized from the area in 2005. The coffee processing is controlled by him personally and he relies on his wife and his sister-in-law for the reselection of the mature cherries.

In recent years, Eunilber has been trained in processing and has managed to develop differentiated coffees. One of them is the Pink Castillo and Caturra, with 164 hours of fermentation in cherry without the presence of oxygen in closed tanks and after pulping 24 hours in open tanks, a process that gives delicate notes to his coffee.


Sales number FU22-313
Weight 35 kg
Crop year Q4 – 2021
Plant Varietal Castillo
Processing Method Washed anaerobic
Drying process Direct sunlight
Fermentation 164h in cherry Anaerobic, after pulping 24h open tanks
Moisture content 11%
Status Spot
Estimated arrival date Europe Arrived
Warehouse location Netherlands
Packaging Grainpro
Origin Colombia
Location Santuario, Risaralda
Estate El Futuro
Farm size 8 hectare, 2 hectare for coffee cultivation
Farmer Eunilber castaño
Topography Mountainous
Altitude 1650MASL
Avg. Humidity 65%
Avg. Temperature 22℃

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Average 85.25