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El Rubi

La divisa

Diofanor Ruiz

We visit Diofanor Ruiz (53) his farm in Buenavista which is located at 1450 to 1750 m above sea level, the weather is incredibly pleasant all year round. We enter the farm and Diofanor and his large German Shepherd are waiting to receive us, we are immediately made to feel welcome. After a nice coffee (v60 Castillo) and some chatting we start walking on his property, after an hour, or so, we watch the sun disappear together behind the mountains of the cordillera. Diofanor has worked with coffee all his life, he is the second generation and follows in his father’s footsteps.

When Diofanor speaks, you listen, his voice is coffee, nature and passion, this man knows about coffee and puts love into his work, and you can taste that in his incredibly pure and balanced coffee. They use no chemicals on and around the farm, the farm is well maintained and very clean, full of native trees that shade the coffee and help keep the volcanic soil fit and fertile, Diofanor does not operate under the coffee monoculture; because of this, the biodiversity is incredible, they identified 58 different species of birds and saw many more that they couldn’t identify.

La Divisa

And because of the circle of biodiversity, they have no pests like the borer beetle. We bought his micro lot natural Tabi, he did an amazing anaerobic fermentation for 164 hours. We named this coffee El Rubi, because that’s what we think of when we taste this coffee! Diofanor grows the following coffee trees: Castillo, Cenicafe 1, Tabi, Borbon rosado, Papaya, Geisha

Words of Diofanor: education, love and passion


Sales number ER22-316
Weight 35 kg
Crop year Q4 – 2021
Plant Varietal Tabi
Processing Method Natural Anaerobic
Organic Yes
Fermentation process 164h Anaerobic
Drying process Direct sunlight
Status Spot
Estimated arrival date Europe Arrived
Warehouse location Netherlands
Packaging Grainpro
Origin Colombia
Location Buenavista, Quindio
Estate La Divisa
Farmer Diofanor
Topography Mountainous
Altitude 1750MASL
Avg. Humidity 65%
Avg. Temperature 20℃


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Average 87

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