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This is a washed Castillo and Caturro coffee lot from Inza, located in Colombia’s Cauca region, grown under (shadow) trees at heights ranging from 1600-2200 masl.

High in the mountains in the municipality of Inza Cauca the indigenous groups work together to produce an excellent specialty coffee, the area is volcanic and very rich in minerals that is extreme beneficial for the coffee trees.


Sales number IZ22-308
Weight 35 kg
Crop year Q4 – 2021
Plant Varietal Multiple varieties
Processing Method Washed
Fermentation process 24h in cherry
Drying process African drying beds (raised beds) and patios
Moisture content 11.5%
Status Spot
Estimated arrival date Europe Arrived
Warehouse location Netherlands
Packaging Grainpro
Origin Colombia
Location Inza (Inzá) Cauca
Altitude 1650 to 2200 masl
Farmer Indigenous community
Topography Mountainous
Avg. Humidity 75%
Avg. Temperature 22℃
Weight 35kg bag


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Average 84
doodle freehand drawing of colombia Cauca