Marry your farmer


and today you can marry your farmer
Marry Your Farmer
  • Security of fresh crop beans. (pre-order samples)
  • Your own farmer’s micro-lot. (min 8 bags of 35kg)
  • The possibility to have the same profile every year.
  • Professional pictures of your farmer for your marketing purposes.
  • Fair-price for you and the farmer.
  • Included delivery to your doorstep (Europe)
  • Easy payment conditions.
  • Sustainable quality.
  • The possibility to visit your farmer.


Your own micro-lot coffee, delivered to the doorstep of your roaster with your brand-logo on the bag.
Every year we select new coffees with our team from café y procesos and give the small farm holders a chance on the European market,
with your help we can give these farmers an honest price.
In return you’ll receive a coffee that is specifically only for you, for once or to make it your house-coffee.


A Farmers year income

There are 550 thousand farming families living of coffee income;
due to low prices and the traditional way to commercialize the beans,
these families are suffering great economic losses year after year.
The program we offer does not solve the problem on a big scale,
but it would be contributing to the income of some families significantly,
providing a fair price for a year of work that gives the farmers the possibility
to earn and also reduce their previous years of debts.

  • We always send a pre-order sample; you choose not us.
  • After you filled in the form below, we directly start looking for a match.
  • We only use a buying contract for the coffee you choose at that time.
  • We don’t use contracts to connect you to the farmer; you choose not us.
  • We inform you with every step we take.
  • You want to first visit the farm yourself? No problem we take you there.
  • Please only fill in the form below when you are really interested.
  • We already work with a lot of farmers who are waiting for a match.

choose your farmer micro-lot exclusively for you

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Quantity: 8
Bags of 35 kilogram
Quantity: 8
Bags of 35 kilogram
Quantity: 8
Bags of 35 kilogram