Ico surveys exporting members on the impact of Covid-19 on the global coffee sector

LONDON, UK — Against the background of the pandemic, the International Coffee Organization (ICO) launched a survey on the impacts of Covid-19 on exporting Member countries. The objective was to (i) assess the short- and long-term impact of covid-19 on their coffee sectors from farm to export gate and (ii) to identify mitigation measures and additional resources required. The results of the survey are disclosed in the third issue of the Coffee Break Series.

The survey was launched online on 20 May. By 1 June, 16 ICO exporting Member countries from Africa, Asia, Central America, Mexico & Caribbean, and South America had completed the survey). Together, these countries represent 85% of the world coffee production. The questionnaire was completed by the official representatives to the ICO or organizations in Member countries reflecting the sentiment of exporting countries towards the impact of covid-19 at the time of the survey.

The survey provides a snapshot of current perceptions of trends in coffee-exporting countries. The results and insights of the survey support ICO advocacy for and access to resources and funding to help mitigate the negative impact of covid-19 on the health, social and economic life of all those working in the coffee sector with special focus on exporting countries.

The report is available at this link (pdf file).

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