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Colombia is a large producer of Arabica coffee beans and we know that aspects such as micro climate, soil type, height and other environmental conditions give us advantages to produce excellent coffee beans; likewise,
the harvesting and post harvest process are perfectly executed by the farmers to maintain a high quality coffee.
These factors and benefit processes make a big difference in the cup, allowing us to identify special notes and flavors in the coffee.


Don Edgar Coffee Company produces and sells green specialty coffee.
The only way we do business is the fair way, which means that everybody benefits.
Starting at the Colombian coffee farmer to the consumer who enjoys his daily cup of the best that Colombia has to offer.
We are based in Colombia and The Netherlands, that means we are able to ship our excellent green coffee to
anywhere in Europe or worldwide.

marry your farmer

Our focus is on Colombian coffee producers and to bring the best Colombian green coffee beans to Europe, with our
concept ‘marry your farmer’ we connect the specialty coffee roaster with a specialty coffee producer in Colombia.
All the farmers we work with are small coffee producers that we help with education in the harvest and post-harvest where needed. We arrange cupping events, quality control, milling, the export and the import of all the coffee we have sourced. We try to find a specialty roaster who is suited for that coffee, make a connection for a single harvest or even for a life time, or how we call it: Marry your farmer.

Our Coffees

Washec coffee beans


​Following the tradition, we also process washed (specialty) coffee beans, whose benefit includes pulping the cherry and washing the bean; the traditional method of coffee benefit of Colombia recognized around the world.

dry process square


We are focused on the benefit of Naturals, where the coffee cherry is dried without the pulping process, this way a higher concentration of natural sugars come in the beans and obtaining a sweeter and softer cup; In addition, this process of benefit is friendly to the environment, as it is not necessary to use water, which keeps our water streams cleaner.

What countries produce the best coffee?


We also process honey, which requires de-pulping, but not washing the beans, maintaining the mucilage that contains a high concentration of sugars, contributing sweetness to the cup and just like the Natural process is friendly to the environment due to its low consumption of Water.​


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